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Blake’s 7, the science fiction TV series produced by the BBC at the end of the 70′s, continued for 4 seasons into the early 80′s, with a total of 52 episodes. The series was created by Terry Nation after his success in creating the Daleks for Doctor Who.

Centered around a group of 7 rebels lead by Roj Blake, Blake and the first members of his 7 escape while being transported to prison. They manage to steal an abandoned spacecraft which they name the Liberator, and they go on to rescue and acquire the other members that will make up Blake’s 7. The series also introduces two computers as major characters; Zen, the ship’s computer and Orac, a supercomputer which the group acquire at the end of Season 1.

All four seasons are available to buy on DVD

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Blake’s 7 DVD Boxset Series 1
Our introduction to Blake and what he and the people that become his crew members stand for. Blake has started a rebellion with a band of criminals and each one has their own agenda, no more so than Avon. This series sees the team begin to understand the need for the rebellion they have accidentally found themselves leading and we see how they all begin to rely on each other in order to survive.
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Blake’s 7 DVD Boxset Series 2
Blake’s 7 decide that direct action is needed and plan to attack the Federation Central Control. This a plan that seems to be working until they reach their goal, only to find that it has been relocated. They must keep searching and uncover the new location of Federation Central Control in order to make their attack.
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Blake’s 7 DVD Boxset Series 3
We see a major change in the third series, losing two major characters, Blake himself and Jenna. Avon takes control of The Liberator but is less inclined to attack the Federation as Blake was, choosing instead to hunt the Federation agent who killed Anna Grant, his former partner. The end of this series sees our heroes stranded on a distant planet searching for a means of escape.
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Blake’s 7 DVD Boxset Series 4
The final series and everything possible is done to escape their desolate planet. When they do, they plan a larger more organised attack against the Federation that will see them re-united with Blake but will it be a happy ending?
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